Rental Agreement



1.0 Use

Rental includes exclusive use of Curran Cottage and property (the cottage) for the rental period for recreational purposes only. Use of the bunkhouse NOT included in this agreement. No commercial, illegal, or other activity shall be carried on at the property. The Renters may not sublet or assign this rental agreement. Renters shall abide with all local by-laws and ensure that adjacent property owners or renters shall have the quiet enjoyment of their properties.

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2.0 Occupancy

The maximum number of occupants using the cottage premises shall not exceed the total number stated in the Rental Application form.

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3.0 Smoking

No smoking is allowed in the cottage.  If smoking outside, renters are to place all butts in ash can ONLY. No butts to be thrown in yard as this is a fire hazard.

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4.0 Pets

No pets are allowed on the property.

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5.0 Parking

Parking for a maximum of two cars is available on a gravel driveway. The Renters are to park their vehicle(s) on the gravel driveway and NOT on the grass lawn in the front of the house (this area contains the septic field and will be damaged by vehicle traffic).

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6.0 Equipment Provided

The cottage comes equipped with:  fridge, stove, washer, dryer, microwave, TV, internet, DVD player, coffee maker, toaster, dishes, glasses, cutlery, pots/pans, and general kitchenware, outside dining set  plus umbrella, patio chairs, a propane BBQ, metal fire pit with cover, snow shovels, vacuum cleaner and cleaning equipment. 

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7.0 Internet/Cable/Phone

The cottage is equipped with wireless internet and cable hook up for TV. There is no phone at the cottage. Renters are strongly advised to bring along a cell phone in case they need to make an emergency call. 

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8.0 Water

The water comes from a well and water quality can vary. The water is also treated by a water softener therefore it is not suitable for drinking.  Renter(s) are advised to use bottled water for drinking and washing/preparing food.  The cottage comes equipped with a drinking water dispenser and a full water jug.  Renters are to leave a full sealed water jug upon vacating the cottage. 

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9.0 Plumbing

The cottage is served by a well and septic system. Renters agree to abide by the following rules to ensure the proper functioning of the plumbing systems:


No taps left running while performing grooming tasks or dishwashing

Short showers and no more than two showers per hour

Limited flushing of the toilets

No paper waste to be placed in the toilets

No food scraps to be washed down the sink - animal fats to be left to harden and placed in garbage

No more than one dishwasher or laundry load per day -  rinse agent to be used to prevent mineral deposits

Environmentally friendly soap and cleaning products to be used, no bleach or toxics

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10.0 Electricity

The cottage is heated by electric baseboard heaters. Renters agree to abide by the following rules in order to act responsibly in conserving electricity:


No doors/windows are to be left open in cool weather while the heating is on

Lights are to be turned off when retiring for the night or leaving the cottage

Thermostats are to be lowered to 50 degrees upon vacating the cottage

Nothing to be left on top off, or in front of, heaters

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11.0 Fireplace/Fire pit

The cottage is equipped with ONE wood burning fireplace and a metal outside fire pit. Renters agree to abide by the following rules to ensure fire safety:


Only untreated firewood is to be burned in the fireplace or fire pit

Renters are to provide firewood (may be purchased at Mac’s convenience store)

Fires are not to be left unattended or in the care of children

Extinguisher is to be kept on hand when the fireplace is in use and hose/bucket of water when fire pit is in use

Fire screens are to be used at all times

Fires are to be extinguished upon retiring for the night or leaving the cottage

Fireplace flue to be opened before lighting fire in fireplace and closed once fire is COMPLETELY cold

Renters are to abide by all municipal by-laws and bans (if any) regarding outdoor fires and will be responsible for
any fines incurred

The downstairs fireplace is not a functioning fireplace and is not to be used

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12.0 BBQ

The Renters agree to abide by the following rules for use of the BBQ:

The BBQ is NOT to be moved from its location on the pad due to fire safety requirements

The BBQ lid must open before lighting

The BBQ must be lit using long safety matches or a propane lighter only

Only propane gas is to be used for cooking on the BBQ: no other materials are to be added 

The BBQ is not to be left unattended when lit

The grill is to be cleaned and the grease pan emptied after cooking in order to deter animals

The gas is to be turned off at the tank after use

The cover is to be replaced once the BBQ is completely cool

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13.0 Bedding and Linens

The cottage is equipped with one Queen size bed, and two twin size beds..  Each bed is supplied with its own mattress cover, pillows and comforter. Renters are to supply their own bed sheets, and pillowcases.  Additional blankets are to be found in the closets.  In addition, renters should also bring their own towels, dishcloths and tea towels.

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14.0 Liability and Risk

The owners have endeavored to ensure all information respecting the cottage is current and accurate and the cottage is suitable for recreational use. The owners do not warrant or guarantee the quality of the cottage as this is basically a subjective opinion, and the perspective renter has the right to inspect the cottage prior to entering into a rental agreement.  The renters acknowledge that the use of the property is entirely at the renters own risk. The renters shall indemnify and hold harmless the owners against and from any and all expenses, costs, damages, suits, actions or liabilities arising from any and all loss of or damage to personal property, injury, personal condition or death resulting from the use of the rental property, grounds, and lake use. The owners’ property insurance covers the dwelling and the owners’ contents. It is the renters responsibility to insure against any unforeseen damage or loss of the renters own possessions

The renters shall give the owners prompt written notice of any accident, unsafe or dangerous condition, other defect to the cottage, surrounding property, buildings, equipment, or other chattels belonging to the owners.

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15.0 Safety and Damage Prevention

The renters are responsible for all damages caused by any member of their party, or their visitors or guests, even to the extent that these damages may exceed the Security Deposit provided.  The renters shall be liable for any damage done by reason of water being left running from taps in the cottage or improper use of appliances, equipment provided, or fireplace.


Renters agree to use common sense to prevent accidents and damage, including but not limited to:


Nothing is to be placed on top off or in front of the baseboard heaters or near a lit fire

No fires to be left unattended or in the care of children

Fire screens and methods of extinguishing fires to be kept on hand at all times

No materials other than untreated wood/kindling to be used in the fireplace and fire pit

Fires are to be extinguished upon retiring for the night or leaving the cottage

Fireplace flue to be opened before lighting fire in fireplace and closed once fire is COMPLETELY cold

Outdoor fires are not to be lit during fire bans – renters will be responsible for any fines incurred

The BBQ must NOT be moved due to fire restrictions

BBQ gril to be cleaned with supplied brush and grease pan emptied to deter animals

BBQ lid must be open before lighting and gas must be turned off after use

The dehumidifier is to be emptied daily in order to reduce humidity build up in the lower level

Window screens/screen doors/outside doors are to be kept closed to prevent wildlife/insect intrusion

No running water is to be left unattended

No pot or kettle is to be left unattended on a hot stove or in a hot oven

Patio umbrella to be closed and all patio cushions to be brought in at night and in wet/windy weather

No skis or snowboards to be brought into the cottageAll wet boots/ski boots are to be removed at the door and placed on the boot trays provided-do not walk on wooden floor with ski boots on

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16.0 Smoke Alarms/CO Detectors and Emergency Lighting

These items are installed as required by the fire code.

Renters are not to disable or remove batteries from the smoke alarms or carbon monoxide detectors

Renters are not to disable the required emergency lighting

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17.0 Power Failure Procedures

In the event of a power failure, emergency lighting will come on in the common area of both levels.

Renters are to immediately turn off the oven and all stove burners in order to prevent fire safely issues when the power comes back on.  The contact number at Hydro One is 1 (800) 434-1235​   . If the power is to be off for an extended period of time the Renters are to contact the owners at 416.540.2897 or  for instructions.

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18.0 Owners Access

The owners and/or their representatives shall be allowed access to the cottage at any reasonable time during the renter’s occupancy.

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19.0 Severability

If any provisions of this agreement are invalid, such provisions shall be considered separable and the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

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20. Arrival Procedures

Renters may arrive after 4.00pm on the possession date agreed to in the Rental Agreement.

Upon arriving at the cottage, Renters are to familiarize themselves with the cottage and its amenities. If anything is missing, damaged or not working, of if the cottage has not been left in an appropriate state of cleanliness they are to contact the Owners immediately. Renters are also requested to read the instructions and Town By-laws posted  in the cottage and familiarize themselves with emergency procedures and resources available to them in the case of fire, flood, accident or other mishap.    

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21. Departure Procedures

Renters are to leave no later than 11.00am on the date agreed to in the Rental Agreement.

Renters agree to keep the cottage and all furniture, fixtures, chattels, fittings and effects in/or about the cottage in the same state of repair and condition in which they found them upon arrival. Refer to DEPARTURE CHECKLIST posted in cottage.

No cottage furniture, equipment, appliances, or other chattels belonging to the Owners shall be removed from the cottage.

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22. Departure Checklist

Renters shall complete all of the tasks spelled out on the Departure Checklist before leaving the cottage:


All dishes, glasses, cutlery, pots and utensils thoroughly cleaned and returned to kitchen cabinets/drawers

Fridge, freezer and cupboards to be emptied of all foodstuffs

Water jug refilled and sealed (You can refill jug at Loblaws/Water Depot in Collingwood)

All furniture, bedding, pillows, and accessories to be returned to their original locations

BBQ grill cleaned and grease pan emptied. Gas turned off and cover replaced on cool BBQ.

Deck umbrella closed and all patio cushions brought in and stored in hall closets

All lights turned off and all thermostats turned down to not less 50 F degrees

All blinds and drapes closed and all doors and windows closed and locked

Key returned to lockbox and secured

All garbage and re-cycling to be put out in outside caddy before leaving and the indicator on the road side of the caddy turned to “FULL” so that the town will pick up.  All garbage must be placed in a LARGE plastic garbage bag - the town only collect ONE bag, per household, per week.  Additional bags must have green stickers attached - Purchase additional stickers at Mac’s if needed.  Re-cycling:  Bin 1 – paper, cardboard   Bin 2 – plastic (Type 1 thru 7), glass, metal
(Refer to Town’s By-laws for exceptions and list of unacceptable materials) 

Failure to follow these garbage instructions will result in a fee of $50 being deducted from your damage deposit for EVERY extra uncollected bag or item, or for any unacceptable items, left in the caddy.                                                                                                                                                                         

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23.0 Booking Procedures

If the Renters enter into a Rental Agreement for the cottage longer than 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the rental period, a deposit (see Payment upon Booking) must be paid immediately and the remaining balance must be paid no later than 6 weeks prior to commencement of the rental period.

If the Renters enter into a Rental Agreement for the cottage 6 weeks or LESS prior to the beginning of the rental period, the full amount must be paid immediately.

Bookings are taken on a first paid basis:  payment must be received to create a firm booking

All payments are to be paid by certified cheque or money order or email payment.

All payments are to be made in Canadian Funds and are to be made available for immediate deposit.

All cheques are to be made payable to “Chris and Sheena Curran”

There will be a $25 charge for NSF cheques returned

Please contact us for email payment instructions

Initials: __________


24.0 Security Deposit

A security deposit is payable upon booking (see Payment upon Booking).

This security deposit will be returned within 30 days following the end of the rental period. 

If any charges or damages have been incurred (including pay per view, lost keys or unpaid utilities) these costs will be deducted from the Security Deposit.

Initials: __________


25.0 Cancellation Policy

If the Renters wish to cancel the agreement, they must notify the Owners in writing.

If a cancellation is received by the Owners 6 weeks or MORE prior to the beginning of a short term rental (16 weeks or more prior to a seasonal rental period), all rental payments will be refunded in full, less an administration fee of $50.00.

If a cancellation is received by the Owners LESS than 6 weeks prior to a short term rental period (16 weeks prior to a seasonal rental period), there will be no refund of rental payments unless the owners are successful in re-renting the cottage for the same rental period, in which case the rental payments will be refunded in full, less an administration fee of $100.

If the cottage is struck by disaster, or if it is sold prior to occupancy, then all Rental Agreements will be null and void and all payments will be refunded.

The Owners reserve the right to cancel this Rental Agreement at any time.

Initials: __________                                                                   


26.0 Rental Period


START DATE:  4 pm  D/M/Y:  ______________       

END DATE:    11 am  D/M/Y:  ______________


Initials: __________


27.0 Payment Upon Booking -  Choose option A. or  B.


  1. If booking made MORE than 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the rental period:


Rental Deposit:      $________________ 


Security Deposit:  $ ___________400.00


Total Submitted:   $  ________________


Balance Due:        $  ________________


Due Date:              __________________


  1. If booking made LESS than 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the rental period:



Rental Amount:      $ _______________     


Security Deposit:   $  ________$400.00  


Total Submitted:   $  _______________


                                                                                                                                                                        Renters Initials: ___________


28.0 Acceptance


Renters Name(s):   _____________________________________________________________________

Address/Postal Code:___________________________________________________________________


Number of Adults and Children in rental group:_______________________________________________



I/we acknowledge and confirm that:

I/we have read and agree to abide by all the Terms and Conditions of the Rental Agreement and have done so by initialing all of the Terms and Conditions.

All personal information provided is true and accurate.

I/we give the owners consent to verify all information and references provided in this application.

I/we understand that upon receiving confirmation from the owners that this application has been accepted, and the deposits have cleared the bank, there shall be a binding contract in force which will then be subject to the cancellation terms as outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

Disclosure: One of the owners is a registered real estate broker


Renter(s) Signatures:____________________________________________________________________

Print Name(s):_________________________________________________________________________




Owners Signatures:______________________________________________________________________

Print Names:    Chris Curran and Sheena Curran    416.540.2897 or




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